STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

First Grade- Thursdays

Since science begins with observations and a desire to understand the world, we started our first meeting together with a few moments to tap into our own areas of curiosity.

What are our questions about the world? What do we want to learn?

Jonah reminded us that "Science is never perfect."
Our students' questions are below. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to explore many of these questions throughout our time together.
What is a butterfly made out of?
Why do chrysalises turn white?
How do cows make milk?
How do bees make honey?
How do trees make paper?
How are computers made?
How do fireflies glow?
How are telephones made?
How are iphones and ipods made?
How do you get your own phone number?
Why do goats eat cans?
How do SMART boards work?